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THC / CBD Oil 에서 Light Terpenes 고순도 추출장치
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THC / CBD (cannabidiol oil ) / Terpenes ( + 99% cannabinoid ) B/R 사 신제품  


B/R Fractional Distillation for High Purity – High Recovery

THC   /  CBD / Terpenes  


High Purity – fractional distillation give the highest purity THC/CBD fraction. 99+% cannabinoids fraction possible

High throughput – 1 liter/hour for standard model
Larger models available

PC Automation – Get repeatable results with minimal operator attention. Distillation data is automatically logged for future use.

Single Pass – Purify cannabis oil in just a single pass through the distillation system.

Sizes – 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, and 22 liter boiling flask sizes available.

Terpene Trap – efficiently separates light terpenes from the THC/CBD fraction

Double Trapped – twice the efficiency and protection of a single trap.

SS Construction – durable stainless steel gives excellent conduction of heat/cold.

Optional Cold Finger – Replace dry ice with an electronic cold finger

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